About Us

Why is Code Blue Bail Bonds different?

Code Blue Bail Bonds is a team of professionals dedicated to helping you get your friend or loved one out of a tense, even frightening situation. We feel that everyone makes mistakes, and are happy to help people get out of jail where they can more effectively assess whatever legal situation is going on, and address that situation. That’s why we say: “Don’t panic, give us a call.”

We bring loved ones back.  At Code Blue, we know legal issues can be overwhelming. The first step is to bond out of jail and return to friends and family.

  • Code Blue does it right the first time.
  • Code Blue walks you through the process compassionately and discreetly.
  • A licensed bail bond agent will respond 24/7 anywhere in Colorado.
  • Bilingual service (Spanish) is available.
  • ALL Colorado locations, with an expert to discuss your challenge.

Some additional factors to consider:

  • Our staff is professional and completes the paperwork correctly so your loved one has the opportunity to be released from custody correctly… the first time.

  • Assisting clients and families in El Paso County, Douglas County, Arapahoe County, Adams County, Pueblo County and all other counties in Colorado.

  • During this process we work with you regarding with any concerns and or questions you have.

  • We are Licensed Colorado Professional Bond Agents who also have a background and training as Fugitive Recovery Agents.

We are easy to reach. Click the green button with the phone icon in the lower right of your touch screen on your device, or click here to call.

Or manually dial (or click/tap) the following: